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Learning More About The Sport You Love

by: United FC


Sometimes you become so adjusted to something that the value of it becomes lost, but learning more about the sport you love will help you to continue to appreciate it. Soccer is a great sport that has a variety of health benefits and also teaches coaches and players many priceless life lessons.



Learning more about soccer allows players to see the value in what they are doing. You give a lot to the game, but you receive a lot in return. Teamwork, exposure, confidence and friendship are only a few benefits of this game that brings people together both on and off the field.

Teamwork – Soccer is a not a game like tennis, where winning depends on the skill of one competitor versus their opponent. This game requires teamwork and communication. The chances of winning are much higher if everyone shares the workload, emphasize their strengths and trust one another with their weaknesses. No man is an island, especially in the game of soccer.

Exposure – Soccer can be a passport for many. Competing in games and camps locally, nationally and internationally can give players an experience they may not have had outside of the sport. Being exposed to different cultures and playing techniques can assist in character and personality develop for the players.

Confidence – As a player surpasses his or her capabilities, their confidence skyrockets. Family and friends coming out to show their support can teach players the importance of encouragement and how a little of it goes a long way.

Friendship – Soccer promotes camaraderie as you develop a bond with your teammates. Having to trust one another on the field sometimes crosses over into trusting each other off of the field and becoming friends. Spending hours practicing, winning and sometimes losing together, creates a connection between players as they learn more about themselves, each other and this sport that they all love.

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