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College Readiness

The College Fair Experience

by: United FC

A college fair is like an educational buffet where you have the opportunity to select what appeals to your academic appetite.

Students who attend College Fairs have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with many college and university representatives, and ask lots questions.

The school reps are there to highlight the advantages of attending their school and get students excited about campus life. Their goal is to increase enrollment.

College won’t be for everyone, but for those that have a desire to be involved in certain fields, it will be necessary.

At United, we encourage our players to excel in all areas of their lives. We encouraged them to participate in a college fair experience to expose them to the endless possibilities of obtaining a college degree. College fairs are important for many reasons.


You Save Money

Attending campus tours can be very expensive when you total airfare, hotels and car rentals. With a college fair, the colleges and universities are conveniently brought to you.


Immediate Answers to Questions

You may have questions about scholarships, access to on-campus jobs, campus life and programs, that can be answered immediately by the school representatives.


Possibility of Admissions Fee Waiver

Some colleges and universities even offer special codes that you can enter when applying for the school. These codes are given specifically at college fairs.


FREE “Swag”

Who doesn’t love free stuff? School reps are prepared with a variety of pens, mugs, bags, flash drives and more to attract potential students.

It is always better to have too many options than not enough. A college fair grants you the opportunity to find what works for you while you save money, speak with school reps, possibly receive an admissions fee waiver and get free “swag”.

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