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Job Readiness

Creating Young Entrepreneurs

by: United FC


United Football Club recognizes the importance of community. Outreach is very important to the club as they constantly seek ways to give back to not only the kids in the club, but also those in the neighboring communities. This is achievable with the help of United members who volunteer their time, donate supplies or provide additional funding.

Coach Shema found an opportunity to connect with a representative at her alma mater, Charles W. Saunders, and participate in a job fair. She was able to use her t-shirt business to encourage the primary schoolers to take embrace opportunities even if they look different from what others may achieve. She said, “Some people are talented in having the opportunity to use their hands. We wanted the kids to know don’t close any doors or feel like there is no option for you. It’s about taking opportunities when they are given to you.”

The kids were able to be hands on and execute the t-shirt design process from beginning to completion. There was a “Question and Answer” session where the students were granted the chance to have their burning business questions answered. An encouragement that Coach Shema left with the kids was an inspiring message. She notified them that, “You can become an entrepreneur at any age, at any time. To create for yourselves and the opportunity to create jobs for others.”

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