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Women's Beach Soccer

Jodei Clarke Conquers All Odds At US Beach Soccer Championships

by: United FC


Jodei Clarke, a coach and player of United FC’s Women’s team, fought hard to conquer the odds that were set against her. She is known for her hard work, consistency, leadership roles and so much more. For said reasons, she was able to make The Bahamas Women’s National Beach Soccer Team and compete in The US Beach Soccer National Championships in December 2019. Throughout the tournament, she encountered severe tackles but it is hard to stop a player who never quits! With all of the odds against her, Clarke knew exactly what it meant to represent her country at the highest level and was determined to keep fighting. Clarke took every hit, got up, refocused, pushed through and overcame any obstacle in her path. As seen, she is definitely one of the smaller players but she is indeed fierce! She surpassed all limitations and represented both her country and club extremely well. Way to go Jodei!

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