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Purple Princesses Crowned 2020 Champions!

by: United FC


United FC U-18 Girls Purple team got the name “Purple Princesses” from the way they carried themselves both on and off the pitch. They demolished all of their opponents in a graceful, yet unforgettable manner, as all princesses should. They fought exceptionally hard and as a result, they were crowned as The Bahamas Youth Football League Champions! They competed head to head with their rivals, Cavaliers FC, and with a sneak attack, these Princesses emerged as #1. It certainly took all of their blood, sweat and tears to earn this title! Both teams comprised of talented players, but talent does not supersede dedication. Team Captain Asia Williams, strongly contributed to the teams success by proceeding as top goal scorer. Alongside her was a strong defensive back line (consisting of Brianna Capron, Jade Thelamour, Jada Thelamour, and Fedrica Pierre) affectionately known as the “Guardians of The Goal”. They were the heart of the team along with other skilled and hard working players. Each member truly capitalized every opportunity they were given and were crowned the champions.

Purple Princess Coach Jodei Clarke said, “They put their mind to it and really believed in themselves. In the previous season, there was a struggle for confidence on the field. This year, they attended more practices, got involved in the community and had better chemistry.”

United congratulates all of its Princesses! Truly a historic season.

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