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Why fathers should support their sons in Grassroot Soccer

by: United FC


Grassroot soccer players, being adolescents, are in a very significant stage of their lives. There are countless physical, emotional, mental and social changes that occur as the adolescent experiences this stage. During this season that links childhood and adulthood, being nurtured and supported by one’s parents is paramount, especially fathers.

Studies have shown that children perform better when supported by their parents. Fathers are extremely important in the lives of their children. Fathers should support their sons because it is his stamp of approval and is more valuable than silver or gold to a son. In most cases, children receive the last name of their fathers. In the Bahamian culture, particularly, many sons and daughters’ first names are a variation of the father’s name, showing just how valued fathers are. There are countless reasons why fathers should support their sons in grassroot soccer that are beneficial to both father and son.

Children learn by example.

A son who has a supportive father will more than likely grow up to become a supportive father as well. Fathers should endorse their son’s involvement in grassroot soccer to teach them the importance of showing up for your kids and to encourage character development.

They will be more confident.

Looking into the crowd and seeing the pride on a father’s face and hearing the passion in his voice is enough to boost a young boy’s confidence. A boy’s father is his real-life superhero and the support of his father is the fuel that will drive his success.

A special bond will be developed.

A father and son can share a special bond by discussing wins, losses, advances and setbacks. Soccer is so much more than just running up and down a field – it requires strategy and skill and teaches players about life. Having these conversations with a son, can encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

A father that fails to support his son is putting him at a disadvantage. A little support goes a long way. Once your son sees your effort, he will learn by example, become more confident and develop a special bond with you.

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