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Alexia Dixon: A Model Of Personality, Rather Than A Type Model

by: United FC


If you follow @Lexy.ta, then you already know Alexia Dixon, but do you really know Lexy? Yes, she a model, but did you know that she’s was also a soccer player at United FC? It’s true, and we’ve got the photos and videos to prove it. She begged us not to post any of her tryout videos, “Ohhh please don’t post them,” but she didn’t say we couldn’t post photos, so we’re going to post them at the end the article. You’re welcome!

So… like we were saying, Alexia is a model, was a soccer player, loves the game, and still kicks-around whenever her schedule allows. Since she said she “loves the game,” we asked her point-blank, Which do you love more, modeling or playing soccer?

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